The brewing process and creation of high quality beer

status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-luxurious-taba-area-rug-status-multicolour-nylon-72-x-48-inch-hykydoMen like beer, it’s a proven fact, but in this modern world even women have started drinking it. We all like beer, but not just any beer. No one wants to drink something that they do not find tasty. Everyone wants to drink something good, something tasty and something of high quality. And beer is no different. Why should anyone drink something lousy when they can drink premium quality beer, made on a specified several century old brewing recipe.

How do people make beer? Well, the first things they need are the proper ingredients such as hops, water, barley and yeast. Of course, all of them need to be of premium quality. Some kinds of beer use some other ingredients too, like corn and wheat, which give beer a different flavor. Yeast is the most important ingredient, as it transforms all other ingredients into beer by converting sugars and starches to alcohol.

Before the yeast can do its work, natural starches have to be converted into simple starches and sugar. This process is called malting. Steeping is a first step of malting. After the malt has aged enough to mellow the flavor, it’s time for milling, a process during which the outer hull of the grain is cracked, so water could get in and dissolve starch and sugars. Next, it’s time for mashing.

The final process of converting starch into fermentable sugar is called mashing. During this process, hot water is added, which produces a mash. When the sugar content is high enough, the mash is filtered to remove solid husks and germs. The remaining liquid, called wort, is heated to a boiling point to reduce excess water. Next, hops are added for aroma and spiciness, and to balance the sweetness. After that, the fermentation process starts.

When the water cools down, yeast is added and the fermentation process begins. Yeast takes time to multiply, but at the end it will consume the sugars and produce alcohol and CO2. This has to be done in cool temperatures, so the yeast could do all it should. Fermenting takes about 10 days, and after it, the filtered and fermented wort officially becomes beer.bar_01 However, this beer needs to age. During this aging, the beer matures and develops its carbonation and its flavor. When the beer finally ages, it’s time for the chemical analysis, which helps the beer makers make the perfect beer.

After all of these processes, it’s time for beer to be packaged and delivered to beer lovers all over the world. These processes may seem complicated, but that is the only way we all can enjoy the taste of a nice, high quality beer that would make us feel as special as all the ingredients necessary for its production.



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